The podcast is the last born among my audio-visual creations.

The idea of ​​getting into it, came in two waves. First, with all the cinemas closed, the distribution of my last two films was quite late and a great frustration had set in. Then there was Hélène Genetet, professional communicator and manager press club of the Gard, who spoke to me about her passion, podcasts. So we got together to produce a first season of a series of six podcasts called Keep it for you ! and which will be broadcast from July on all podcast platforms.

These are documentary works of about 20 minutes, the secrets of the inhabitants of the Gard, which will, I hope, become the summer podcast on the vacation roads.

Sound is a great way to communicate intimately with listeners. These creations can also be live broadcasted with an audience, in the evening of a night market, a festival or any cultural event.

I also think, that the podcast could be very interesting for companies or institutions to communicate their products or interests. With the number of listeners increasing by 40% during the fourth quarter of 2020, according to Acast’s latest barometer, the podcast has a bright future ahead of itself.

You will find here soon the first episodes of this native podcast, once the official launch is formalized.